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At Electric Productions we create compelling and creative digital media that is proven to engage your audience.

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Brand films, commercials, web-series, documentaries and independent films are just a few examples of how we can help you showcase your company.

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Creativity is a cornerstone at Electric Productions; we are proud of our ability to produce content that champions your brand to your audience.

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Achieving results in brand marketing requires careful attention to the elements of visualization, experience, credibility and trust.

Who is Electric Productions?

The Electric Productions team consists of producers, cameramen and editors that have worked for Discovery, HBO, NBC and other major news and cable networks. We all truly love what we do and care about our clients, participants and partners. We diversify ourselves by traveling frequently and having offices throughout the US. Keeping up with the trends is important as we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve and competition while striving to set trends ourselves.

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Trending Today

Trending Today is an award winning premier television series featuring front line industry advancements, innovative technologies, product solutions and trends from all over the globe. Our host, Miranda Khan, leads this fast paced journey showcasing organizations from mainstreet to wall street, brand new and over 100 years old! Buckle up because you are in for a treat!

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Miami, Las Vegas, New Orleans. Just a few of the places we have visited to capture cocktail culture, flair bartending and mixology in a rapid fire behind the scenes look at the wild world of spirits. Our host Rob Husted and talented cameraman Oscar Perez go on a wild journey through Tales of the Cocktail, Miami flair cometition week and everywhere in between!

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Attention all innovators and industry leaders, we are here to help you broadcast your ideas to large audiences. We've got you covered, just send us some details about your goals and we'll tell you how we plan to go about accomplishing them! Phone or email work best, but feel free to fill out the form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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